Tire Change Service at Nissan Downtown

Tire Change Service in Toronto, Ontario

Living in a city like Toronto, seasonal tire changes are a normal part of life. Whether it’s swapping out your all-season tires in preparation for the winter road conditions, or taking off your winter tires in preparation for the warmer weather, our service team here at Nissan Downtown are more than happy to assist you. Read along as we discuss why it’s important to periodically change your tires, our Nissan tire change services, as well as the tire storage service that we offer.

Seasonal Tire Changes

Not all tires are created the same. Specialty tires, such as winter and summer performance tires, are made up of a different combination of rubber compounds and tire tread patterns compared to that of all-season tires. It’s important to use the appointment tire for the appropriate road and weather conditions to ensure that your Nissan vehicle performs optimally. As a general rule of thumb, once the temperature hits around 7-degrees Celsius, it’s time to consider changing your tires. Below the 7-degree ℃ mark, winter tires stay resistant to the cold weather, while above the 7-degree ℃ mark, all-season tires perform optimally.




Tire Storage Service

To make things easier for our valued customers, Nissan Downtown offers a convenient Tire Storage service that allows you to store your off-season tires at our secure, climate-controlled facility. By taking advantage of this service, there is no longer a need to load up heavy tires twice a year and you free-up valuable space at home. Get in touch with us and reserve your tire storage spot, today!




Factory-Trained Technicians

Drive with confidence knowing that your Nissan is getting the best service possible, courtesy of our knowledgeable tire technicians. Our factory-trained service technicians have undergone stringent training to ensure that they are well-equipped to service your Nissan vehicle.





Schedule a Tire Change Service at Nissan Downtown

When it comes time to swap your tires, trust our service team at Nissan Downtown to take utmost care of your vehicle. Get ahead of the seasonal tire swap rush and make sure to book your tire change service early! FIll out the form below and schedule your Nissan’s tire change service, today!